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For example, for the Retail Banking database, the default summation option is a count of customers:

You can

The default summation option is specified in SuperCHANNEL when the SXV4 is created. The recommended way to change the default summation is to update the SuperCHANNEL project and recreate the SXV4. However, if this is not an option, you can use the SuperWEB2 Rules Engine to specify a different default summation option.


The ability to change the default summation option


is not a security feature and does not stop a user from manually applying a different summation option to the table. The default summation is simply intended to guide users when they first start creating a table.

To change the default summation option, you need to modify <tomcat_home>\webapps\webapi\WEB-INF\data\.repository\RulesEngine.xml


For example:

Code Block
  	<rules:EditRule name="OverrideDefaultSummationRule" 
		    <rules:init-param name="Retail Banking" value="Customer Profit:MEAN"/>
		    <rules:init-param name="Australian Real Estate" value="Price Paid:MEDIAN"/>
            <rules <rules:init-param name="Customer Database" value="Account Profit:SUM"/>
		    <rules:init-param name="Employee Records 2014" value="Employees:COUNT"/>