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Open Data APIRate Limiting

It is now possible to configure different rate limits for the /schema and /table endpoints.

As a result of this change, the openDataApi.schema.numberOfRateLimitPerPeriod property in the file has been replaced with three new settings:

  • openDataApi.rateLimit.schema
  • openDataApi.rateLimit.table

 In addition, there are two new endpoints for checking the individual rate limits: /rate_limit_schema and /rate_limit_table.

SuperWEB2User Interface

New navigation options have been added to Table View, Graph View and Map View:

  • The database name that is displayed at the top of the screen is now a clickable link that can be used to return to the info page for that database.
  • If the user is viewing a saved table, the table name is also now displayed at the top of the screen (with a link that returns to the info page for this database with the relevant table selected from the list of tables).