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  • SuperSERVER requires a 64-bit operating system.
  • These instructions apply to upgrades of the SuperADMIN (SA) versions of SuperSTAR (release 6.5 onwards) only. If you are upgrading from a non-SA version, or from an SA version prior to release 6.5, please contact Space-Time Research Support (
  • These instructions describe the upgrade of the core SuperSERVER components only (not the client applications SuperCROSS, SuperVIEW and SuperWEB2).

When you upgrade to version 9.9 or later, SuperADMIN will automatically migrate user data from an XML file to a relational database. By default, it will migrate to an embedded H2 database, but you have the option to move to another RDBMS, such as Oracle, SQL Server or DB2. Please contact STR for advice if you are considering making this change.

To upgrade your SuperSERVER installation, you need to complete a number of tasks: