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If users are currently logged in to one of the SuperSTAR clients when you clear the cache, then they may not see the updates to the metadata immediately. This is because the clients also cache a local copy of the metadata.

For example, users who are logged in to SuperWEB2 may not see the updates until the SuperWEB2 cache is also cleared and they log out and back in again. SuperCROSS users may not see the changes until they restart SuperCROSS.


Code Block
metadata_cacheflush [ -s <server> ] [ -p <port> ] [ -d <dataset_id> ]


The name of the Metadata Server to connect to. If you do not specify a server, it will default to localhost.
The port the Metadata Server is listening on. If you do not specify the port, it will default to 8005.

The ID of the dataset to clear from the cache. If you do not specify a dataset ID then the cache will be cleared for all datasets.

You can specify multiple datasets if necessary; separate the IDs with either a comma (,) or semi colon (;).

For example, the following command clears the cache for the bank dataset, on the instance of Metadata server running on myserver: