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You can configure SuperCHANNEL to automatically generate R Keys for perturbation when building your SXV4. SuperCHANNEL is supplied with an R Key generator that you can use, but you can also replace this with your own custom R Key generator if you prefer.

To create your own generator, you need to implement the following interface in Java:

package str.database.rkey;

public interface RkeyGeneratorBuilder {
    public static interface RkeyGenerator{
        public double next();

    public RkeyGenerator create(String seed);

For example:

public class SimpleRkeyGenerator implements RkeyGeneratorBuilder {
    public RkeyGenerator create(final String seed) {
        final Random rand = new Random(Long.parseLong(seed));

        return new RkeyGenerator() {
            public double next() {
                return rand.nextInt(Integer.MAX_VALUE);

Once you have implemented your generator:

  1. Compile it, and pack it into a .jar file.
  2. Copy the packed .jar files and all dependencies to the SuperCHANNEL drivers directory. If you installed to the default location, this will be C:\Program Files\STR\SuperCHANNEL\jar\drivers.
  3. Locate the SuperCHANNEL configuration file, config.txt, and open it in a text editor. If you chose the default installation options, this file will be located in C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperCHANNEL\bin
  4. Locate the line that defines the Java class path property (java.class.path=), and add the path to each of your .jar files at the end of the definition.
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