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SummaryAdjusts the sum and mean of a measure so that the ratio of perturbed sum and perturbed mean is equal to the perturbed contributor count.
  • If you are only using discrete (count) perturbation, then this module does not adjust the means; in this case it sets the sums to equal the mean multiplied by the perturbed contributor count.
  • If you are only using discrete perturbation and do not have any sums available, then this module is not required.
  • If a measure has NULL values then the contributor count will be less than the record count. This module therefore always uses the perturbed contributor count, rather than the perturbed record count.


The Perturbation modules must be configured to run in the following sequence:

  1. Perturbation.
  2. Average Cell Weight (in the case of weighted datasets).
  3. (If required) Continuous Perturbation.
  4. Perturbed Estimates.


method addmethod <method_id> [{table|mandatory}] [<display_name>]
method <method_id> adddcplugin <plugin_id> perturbedestimates [<priority>]


method addmethod MethodID 
method MethodID adddcplugin Perturbation perturbation
method MethodID Perturbation addproperty RKEY "TRUE"
method MethodID adddcplugin PerturbedEstimates perturbedestimates



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