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SuperSTAR 9.9 is now available.
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The following commands set properties for Map View.


DescriptionDefine the colour swatches available from the drop-down list in Map View.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches
cfg global superweb2.mapping.defaultPalette

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[<swatch_index>].name set <name>
cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[<swatch_index>].colours set <list_of_colours>
cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[<swatch_index>].colours[<colour_index>] set <colour>
cfg global superweb2.mapping.defaultPalette set <name>

Remove a swatch:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[<swatch_index>] remove

Change the name of the sixth swatch:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[5].name set "DarkGreenToGrey"

Update all the colours defined for the third swatch:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[2].colours set ["#3D78D7","#35A5E1","#36D7E6","#36F5EB","#3FFFF2"]

Update the fifth colour value in the first swatch to #EEEEEE:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.palette.swatches[0].colours[4] set "#EEEEEE"

Set the default swatch to "LightBlue-Grey":

cfg global superweb2.mapping.defaultPalette set "LightBlue-Grey"
More InformationConfigure Mapping Colours - SuperWEB2

Disconnected Mode

DescriptionActivate or deactivate disconnected mode.
cfg global superweb2.mapping.disconnectedMode set true
cfg global superweb2.mapping.disconnectedMode set false
More InformationCaching Map Data - SuperWEB2

Dump Codes

DescriptionDefine the list of field items that are blacklisted from mapping. It will not be possible to access Map View if any of these field items are in the table.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes set <list_of_codes>
cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes add <code>

Clear the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes remove

The set command creates or replaces the list. Specify each code in quotes, separated by commas and with square brackets at the start and end of the list. For example:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes set [ "24", "28", "298" ]

The add command adds one code to the existing list. Specify the additional code in quotes. For example:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes add "88"

The remove command deletes the list of blacklisted mapping fields.

cfg global superweb2.mapping.dumpCodes remove
More InformationBlock Map View when Certain Fields Appear in the Table - SuperWEB2

Layer Settings

DescriptionDefine the layer settings, including the mapping between SXV4 value sets and the fields on the external mapping server that contain the geographical shape data.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.mapping.thematic
More InformationSee Configure Mapping - SuperWEB2 for more information.
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