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SuperSTAR 9.9 is now available.
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The following commands set global properties:

Concurrent User Limits

DescriptionSet the maximum number of users from a particular group that can be logged in to SuperWEB2 at any one time.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits[<index>].limit set <limit>
cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits[<index>].groupId set <group>

Clear the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits remove

The following commands allow a maximum of 50 users from the Guests group to be logged in at any one time:

cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits[0].limit set "50"
cfg global superweb2.concurrentUserLimits[0].groupId set "Guests"
More InformationConfigure Concurrent User Limits - SuperWEB2

Field Exclusion Rules

DescriptionDefine a global field exclusion rule.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion[<index>].limit set <limit>
cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion[<index>].fields set <list_of_fields>

Clear the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion remove


The following commands specify that only one of Age, Area and Occupation can be added to a table at any one time:

cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion[0].limit set 1
cfg global superweb2.rules.fieldExclusion[0].fields set [ "Age", "Area", "Occupation" ]
More InformationField Exclusion Rules - SuperWEB2

Maximum Selected Nodes


The maximum number of items that can be selected in the field tree in the customise table panel at any one time.

The default setting for this property is -1, which means there is no limit.


View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.schemaMaximumSelections

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.schemaMaximumSelections set <value>

Reset the configuration to the default:

cfg global superweb2.schemaMaximumSelections remove

The following command restricts the maximum number of selected nodes to 3:

cfg global superweb2.schemaMaximumSelections set "3"

Query Limits


Set limits on the size of tables that users can create. You can restrict the number of fields, rows, columns, wafers, or total cells that users can add to a table.


View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits

Update the default query limit configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits.cells set <cells>
cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits.wafers set <wafers>
cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits.columns set <columns>
cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits.rows set <rows>
cfg global superweb2.rules.defaultQueryLimits.fields set <fields>

Update the group query limit configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].groupId set <group_id>
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].limits.fields set <fields>
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].limits.cells set <cells>
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].limits.rows set <rows>
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].limits.columns set <columns>
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[<index>].limits.wafers set <wafers>

Clear the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits remove
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].groupId set "Guests"
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].limits.fields set 5
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].limits.cells set 50
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].limits.rows set 10
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].limits.columns set 10
cfg global superweb2.rules.groupQueryLimits[0].limits.wafers set 1
More InformationConfigure User Query Limits - SuperWEB2

Saved Table Limits

DescriptionSet limits on the number of tables that users can save.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[<index>].groupId set <group_id>
cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[<index>].limit set <limit>

Clear the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits remove
cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[0].groupId set "administrators"
cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[0].limit set 500
cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[1].groupId set "users"
cfg global superweb2.saveTableLimits[1].limit set 500
More InformationSaved Table Limits - SuperWEB2

Value Set Drop-Down Labels

DescriptionSet the drop-down label text for this value set.

View the current configuration:

cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels
cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.<valueset_id>

Update the configuration:

cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.<valueset_id> set <label_text>
cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.<valueset_id> remove

Clear the configuration. You can either clear the labels for individual value sets or clear all the value set labels:

cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.<valueset_id> remove
cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels remove

The following command sets the label for the valuseset C_Age:

cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.C_Age set "Age"

The following command removes the drop-down label text defined for C_Age. SuperWEB2 will display the label that was defined in SuperCHANNEL when the SXV4 was created.

cfg global superweb2.valueSetLabels.C_Age remove
More InformationConfigure Field Drop-down Labels - SuperWEB2
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