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This section shows show sample configuration for simple weighted databases.

Single Fact Table and One Weight

<DATABASE_WEIGHTINGS dbid="CustomerSurvey2015" formula_file="formulas.xml">
    <WEIGHT id="Person Weight" type="Single" level="Person"/>

    <COEFF measure="Person" weight_id="Person Weight">
        <VAR id="N" value="25814697"/>
        <VAR id="n" value="59053 "/>

In this example:

  • The database ID is CustomerSurvey2015.
  • There is only one fact table, Person.
  • There is only one weighting factor. The display name of the measure that contains this weighting factor is Person Weight.
  • The sample size consists of 59,053 records, representing a total population of 25,814,697.

Multiple Fact Tables and Multiple Weights

<DATABASE_WEIGHTINGS dbid="LabourForceSurvey" formula_file="formulas.xml">
    <WEIGHT id="Family Weight" type="Single" level="Family"/>
    <WEIGHT id="Person Weight" type="Single" level="Person"/>
    <WEIGHT id="Person Income Weight" type="Single" level="Person"/>
    <WEIGHT id="Household Weight" type="Single" level="Household"/>

    <COEFF measure="Person" weight_id="Person Weight">
        <VAR id="N" value="58336835"/>
        <VAR id="n" value="133815 "/>

    <COEFF measure="Person" weight_id="Person Income Weight">
        <VAR id="N" value="24161932"/>
        <VAR id="n" value="1469"/>

    <COEFF measure="Family" weight_id="Family Weight">
        <VAR id="N" value="26817302"/>
        <VAR id="n" value="60475"/>

    <COEFF measure="Household" weight_id="Household Weight">
    <VAR id="N" value="24680901"/>
    <VAR id="n" value="56102"/>

In this example:

  • The database ID is CustomerSurvey2015.
  • There are three fact tables, Person, Family and Household.
  • There are four weighting factors:
    • Person Weight and Person Income Weight are the display names of fields containing weights in the Person fact table.
    • Family Weight is a weight in the Family fact table.
    • Household Weight is a weight in the Household fact table.

Example Formulas File

The following is a simple formulas file defining only Sum, Weighted Sum and Standard Error of Sum:

	<TAGS measure="measure" weight="weight" level="level" all="all"/>

	<!-- Sum -->
	<!-- Single Measure Single Weight No Derivation -->
	<FORMULA id="WSUM" name="Weighted Sum" type="SMSWND">
		<UDF id="wx_udf"/>
	<FORMULA id="WRSEDC" name="Standard Error of Sum" type="SMSW" level="true">
		<UDF id="wx_udf"/>
		<UDF id="wxx_udf"/>
		<DER_EXPRESSION>(Sqrt(("wxx_udf" - ("wx_udf"*"wx_udf"/"weight"))/(("weight" - 1) * "level")*"weight"*"weight" + ("N"-"weight")*(1-"n"/"N")*"weight"/"n"))</DER_EXPRESSION>
	<!-- /Sum -->

	<!-- Unweighted Sum -->
	<FORMULA id="UWSUM" name="Unweighted Sum" type="UNW">
		<!-- Single Measure Single Weight -->
	<!-- /Unweighted Sum -->

	<UDF_DEFINITION id="x_udf">
	<UDF_DEFINITION id="w_udf">
	<UDF_DEFINITION id="wx_udf">
	<UDF_DEFINITION id="wxx_udf">
	<UDF_DEFINITION id="ww_udf">



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