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SuperSTAR 9.9 is now available.
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SummaryDefines the executable modules used by SuperCROSS. Most of the entries in the file are populated when SuperCROSS is installed and should not be changed.
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[DB Access 32]

This section stores details of the DLLs for SXV2, SXV3 and SXV4 database access.

For example:

[DB Access 32]

[DB Override 32]

This section stores details of the database access provider library.

For example:

[DB Override 32]

[Exports 32]

This section stores details of additional libraries used by SuperCROSS.

For example:

[Exports 32]

[MetaData Cache]

This section applies to SXV2 and SXV3 databases only. It can be used to define access to SuperCROSS folders for caching meta information when in Network-User mode.

The [Metadata Cache] settings can also be defined in the cross.ini configuration file. If the section appears in both files then the settings in cross.ini take precedence.

See cross.ini for more information.


This section determines whether the Record View option is enabled or disabled. It only applies if SuperCROSS has been installed in Network Master or Network User mode.


Whether or not the Record View options are available in the client:

  • 0 - Disable Record View.
  • 1 - Enable Record View.

For example:

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