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A unique field is a measure that counts the number of distinct results for a field.

Saved tables containing a unique field cannot be read by SuperWEB1, or generated by the SuperSERVER Production System software.

To create a unique field:

  1. Select Cross > Define Field. The Define Fields window displays.
  2. Click Unique. The Unique Field window displays.
  3. Enter the following details:

    Field NameEnter a name for the field.
    Create Field ForSelect the database table to create the field for.

    Select the field or fields you want to measure unique values for and click >> Add >> to add them to the Selection list.

    • If you add a single field then the new unique field will count the number of unique/distinct values for that field. For example, the number of distinct values for Age.
    • If you add multiple fields then the user defined field will return a count of the number of unique combinations of all the selected fields. For example, if you select Age and Marital Status, then a customer who is 27 years old and single will be counted separately to a customer who is 27 and divorced.
  4. Click OK.

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